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Also Known As Jana, Jana S., Jana Semradova, Janie, Janny, Sonia, Aschley Robins
Nationality :Czech Republic
Date Of Birth 4 January 1984
Measurements 34-26-34 inches / 86-66-86 cm
Weight 121 lbs. / 55 kilos
Height 5′ 5″ / 165 cm
Breasts Big Natural Tits
Partner Preference Both men and women
Favorite Position
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You may recognise this amazing beauty from the movie Hostel where she had a memorable bit part using her real name Jana Semradova. Under her stage name of Ashley Robbins she shows off one of the most amazing figures that you’ll find any where in the world. Obviously she has amazingly beautiful breasts that are full, all natural with perfect nipples but as you look at this young actress you’ll find much more. Her breasts are accented by her smooth and taunt tummy that’s just begging to feel your hands. Her hips seem to be just the right size and her nice round ass seems like it would be the perfect cushion for a night of hard doggie style. Her sexy legs are well shaped, smooth and just muscular enough so that you know she can pull you inside.

Of course all of this is topped off by her big beautiful eyes, red hair and the cutest freckles that always make her seem a little like the girl next door. While this hot rare beauty has been filmed with a cock in her mouth it was very short lived and more of a moment then a scene. With a body like Ashley Robbin’s she doesn’t really need any company to please but she often appears with other beautiful busty honeys for some of the most exciting all natural big boobs lesbian scenes you’ll ever find.